Scholarships and awards

There is a range of scholarship opportunities for undergraduate students in Materials Engineering, with a number of Department awards as well as UBC, government and industry awards.

In the past year, over $25,000 was awarded to students through Department awards. This represents a high level of funding for the size of the Department. The awards included funds from:

  • The Metallurgy Trust Fund
  • Christina Lim Huckvale Memorial Fund
  • DeBeers Scholarship in Materials Engineering
  • Frank Forward Memorial Scholarship in Metallurgy
  • J. Fred Muir Memorial Scholarship in Engineering

Many students with a grade average above 80% received some sort of scholarship.

In addition, undergraduates in Materials were successful in securing UBC, government and industry awards including:

  • Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum Awards
  • NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA).

The Department participates in the NSERC USRA program, which provides funding for students to work as research and lab assistants for a term, and gives them a valuable opportunity to participate in new research.

More information about the Department awards is available from the Head of the Department.

For information about non-Department awards: NSERC USRA program

Information about other scholarships, awards and bursaries is available from UBC Student Services