Research colloquium

Twice a year, typically in the last week of term in December and April, the Department of Materials Engineering holds a Materials Engineering Research Colloquium (MERC). The MERC provide a venue for graduate students to present their research work to their UBC colleagues and other interested parties.

This is an exciting event for the department as it gives an opportunity for us to reflect on the quality and breadth of research ongoing within the department. The day-long event always evokes stimulating discussions — this is usually seen as groups of students and faculty discussing the details of the day’s presentation over lunch or coffee (both provided by the Department).

You can find below abstracts from previous MERCs. These provide a valuable record of the scope of research in the department. We welcome all interested parties to attend the next MERC. Keep your eye on this page to find (usually in the last weeks of November and March) the abstracts of the talks for the upcoming session.

Edouard Asselin

Faculty Co-ordinator