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General Group Overview

The Biomaterials Group at the department of Materials Engineering focuses on health related materials issues. We are especially interested in developing novel materials with dental, orthopedic, and pharmaceutical applications.


Currently, our main areas of research activity are:

  • Knee and hip replacements
  • Cardiovascular stents and scaffolds
  • Wound dressing materials
  • Bioactive coatings and drug delivery materials
  • Three dimensional scaffolds
  • Bone mechanics and hip fracture

Graduate Studies

Biomaterials is a multidisciplinary field. Great opportunities are open to enthusiastic students with education background in Physics, Chemistry, Materials and other engineering fields. Graduate students can register for either a Ph.D. or an M.A.Sc. degree in the Departments of Materials Engineering. Students can also register for the Biomedical Engineering program ( through the Materials department

Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate students may choose the Biomaterials option and learn biomaterials through our lecture courses, and the design projects. Students may also apply for Co-op students or research assistants in above biomaterials projects.


Amanda Clifford

Assistant Professor



Research Interests

Processing of biomaterials, electrochemistry, colloid and interface science, surface modification, biointerfaces, nanomaterials for precision medicine, implantable materials, portable diagnostics, wearable healthcare monitoring.

Rizhi Wang




Research Interests

Biomaterials, biomechanics, biomimetics