Impact of Materials Engineering

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What impact do materials engineers have?

Materials engineering is a small, focused discipline compared to other engineering disciplines. However materials engineers have a much larger impact than the size of the discipline would suggest. The reason for this is the diverse industries they work in and the fact that materials are so intimately associated with our experiences.

Wide-reaching impact

New materials have been among the greatest achievements of every age – from bronze and copper to steel and plastics, enabling the high technology of the day.  This continues today, as materials have a key role in determining what is possible in all other fields of engineering.

Materials engineers bring their expertise to almost every industry around the world, from mining and manufacturing to aerospace, advanced electronics and healthcare.  Their work impacts the economy, the environment, our health and quality of life, our standard of living, transportation and safety.

Unique role

Materials engineers have a unique role in solving real world problems.  Opportunities include exciting careers developing and using materials to build safer cars, make faster computers, repair broken bones, develop high performance batteries and fuel cells, recycle waste and make travel safer to name but a few.

In a broad sense, materials engineers today are making significant impacts in three areas: