Open positions

For prospective students:

Please see the program information and how to apply.

You can find out about our Research Portfolio by exploring our Faculty biographies.

If you are interested in apply to study with us, we recommend that you write a focussed email to an individual faculty area in your chosen research specialization. In this email, please keep it brief. You should at least mention: (1) how your interests overlap with the interests of the Faculty member’s research group and interests; (2) what type of research position you are interested in, e.g. a PhD, MASc or MSc; (3) your educational qualifications (include your GPA or equivalent, the Program of Study, Department, and University); (4) a short C.V.; (5) if you have already secured/plan to secure external funding, or if you would like your supervisor to assist in this process.

Further to reaching out to individual supervisors, who may or may not have projects at present, you can also find projects listed by the Faculty of Graduate and Post Graduates (G+PS) central listings for Materials Engineering.

For current students:

Listing and forms

2022W Teaching Assistant positions

We are looking for a number of Teaching Assistants for 2022W Term 2. Please read the application and instructions CAREFULLY.

Please send your electronic versions of your application to

REMINDER: these are union positions. If you have held a position before you will be allocated the same number of hours as the previous year, not necessarily the same position.

Deadline to have your application in: November 18, 2022

Offers will be made by December 9, 2022

New and returning TAs may be subjected to interviews.

– Competence in the subject material.
– Adequate oral and written English communication skills.
– In good standing with UBC.
– Understanding and compliance with APSC or Department safety regulations.
– Approval of course instructor.
– Approval of supervisor (in some cases).

Please contact the individual course instructors for specific details but generally the duties can include: preparation of labs; conducting labs and/or tutorial sessions; marking of assignments and/or quizzes; invigilation of exams.

Hours & Pay:
Hours and rates are established by contract between UBC and the TA Union (CUPE 2278). The majority of appointments are 2-4 hours per week = 32-64 hours per term, however, actual appointments may vary. Exam invigilation is included in the appointment.