Safety information and contacts


Building hours are 7:00 AM-6:00 PM, Mon.-Fri. NO ENTRY OUTSIDE THESE TIMES. ONLY people scheduled to be in the building by their supervisor my enter and only for the time specified.

Daily check-in and self-assessment form

Daily lab inspection checklist

COVID-19 safety training checklist and commitment form

BUILDING and WORKSPACE safety plans are available on the COVID-19 Safety Plans page; see link to that page at left.

Below is a link to a video overview of the building safety plan. Viewing it is required as part of training for returning research personnel.

Link to Building safety plan overview video

Everyone entering and then leaving the Frank Forward building for any reason and for any length of time is required to complete a check-in AND check-out. Use the QR code or link below to access the survey form. It will only take seconds to complete.

Frank Forward In/Out Survey


Welcome to the MTRL Safety Resources page! Here you will find information and resources about safety in our department.



Accidents & incidents reporting instructions


NOTE: The assembly area for the Frank Forward building is the courtyard north of the building (outside the main entrance).


Major documents

MTRL Safety program manual

The Frank Forward building emergency response plan has been revised to deal with the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. See the updated plan in the link below. Interim measures are indicated on pages ii and iii.

Forward Building Emergency Response Plan


To get first aid:

PAID UBC EMPLOYEES ONLY: For UBC first aid call 604-822-4444 (24 hours/day)

For a serious emergency of if in doubt call 911. Then call UBC  first aid or APSC first aid next.

Not a UBC employee? Call 911.

The BUILDING ADDRESS IS:     6350 Stores Road, V6T 1Z4


MTRL LST Terms of Reference

LST terms of reference


MTRL Local Safety Team members:

Bé Wassink (faculty co-chair) Room 406, Tel: 604-822-2662,
Michelle Tierney Room 309A, Tel: 604-822-4878,
Daan Maijer Room 313, Tel: 604-822-6013,
Marlon Blom Room 06B, Tel: 604-822-2716,
Heli Eunike Room 419, Tel: 604-822-5648,
Carl Ng Room 017, Tel: 604-822-2605,
Shubham Jain Room 106,
Chih Wei Chao Room 406 or 417,


Frank Forward Building Emergency Director:
Bé Wassink, Room 406, Phone: 604-822-2662,


Emergency phone numbers:

Fire Department 911
Police 911
Ambulance 911
UBC Campus First Aid                  APSC first aid 604-822-4444 (24 hours/day)             778-918-6970 Mon-Fri, 8:30-4:30
Hazardous Materials Response 911
Campus Security 604-822-2222
RCMP 604-224-1322
Plant Operations Trouble Calls 604-822-2173
Risk Management 604-822-2029


LST Safety Inspection Forms

Lab inspection form

Shops inspection form

Offices inspection form

Classrooms inspection form

Storage areas inspection form