MTRL Faculty Awarded over $8M from CFI and NSERC

The Materials Engineering faculty members have secured over $8 million in research funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) Innovation Fund and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Alliance 2022-23.

An interdisciplinary project, entitled “Materials for Net-Zero: Enabling the Clean Energy Transition”, co-led by Dr. Ben Britton and Dr. Amanda Clifford has been granted $7.4 million. This project is dedicated to pioneering new materials crucial for supporting and advancing the clean energy transition, by fostering the development of a hydrogen economy, transforming carbon dioxide into valuable commodities, and enhancing batteries development.

Additionally, four projects from the Materials Engineering department have been awarded NSERC Alliance Grants:

Graphene-enhanced natural fiber reinforced composites for protective footwear and other high-performance applications
Dr. Yasmine Abdin

Thermal modeling of material deposition in melt extrusion 3D printing of fiber reinforced polymer composites
Dr. Sergii Kravchenko

Engineered 3D Microstructures for Automotive Aluminum Extrusions
Dr. Warren Poole

Creation of Defect Phase Diagrams for Ordered Laves Phases
Dr. Chadwick Sinclair

Congratulations to all faculty members! Complete news article can be found here.