Yasmine Abdin

Assistant Professor

B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. (KU Leuven)

Office: FF 011

Email: yasmine.abdin@ubc.ca

Publications: Google Scholar

Research and Teaching Interests

Polymer Matrix Composite Materials, Composites Design and Manufacturing, Optimization, In-Service Performance behaviour, Damage, Durability, Structural Reliability, Multi-Scale Modelling, Characterization Methods, Finite Element Analysis, Machine Learning, and Industry 4.0.

Current Research Work

My main research area is polymer based composite materials. Composite materials offer many advantages among which are: light weight structures and components, high strength and stiffness, and increased tailorability. The lack of understanding of the long-term durability and performance of composite material structures under varying service conditions, has limited the the possibility of leveraging the unique damage tolerance and durability of these materials. In contrast to the traditional approaches of using safety coefficients and components overdesign, probabilistic materials design allows the estimation of reliability by considering the stochastic variability of the structure and inherent manufacturing induced defects.

Components design validation by simulation techniques is gaining acceptance in high performance industries. My current research focus is on making use of the current disruption of knowledge and capabilities for developing a deeper understanding of the structure-property relationship of composite structures and integrating the highly stochastic multi-scale nature of these structures in digital simulation techniques relating manufacturing to long-term structure performance under realistic service conditions. The digital models will make full use of the potential of data analysis and machine learning techniques in increasing modelling efficiency.


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