Kiana Amini headshot

Kiana Amini

Assistant Professor

Office: FF 111


Research and Teaching Interests

Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion, Redox Flow Batteries, Electrochemical Carbon Capture Systems, In Situ Characterization of Electrochemical Processes

Research Outline

I am interested in leveraging electrochemistry for the development of electrochemical devices that can facilitate our transition to a cleaner energy future. Within this theme, my research has been concentrated on two key areas.

Firstly, my research is focused on the development of redox flow batteries, an energy storage technology designed for large-scale applications. My goal is to push the boundaries of these systems’ performance metrics, bringing them closer to widespread commercialization. I specialize in electrochemical characterization, battery architecture design, electrolyte design, and the development of in situ characterization techniques for investigation of these batteries.

Secondly, my research is focused on developing electrochemical systems capable of efficiently capturing CO2 through the use of redox-active materials at ambient temperature and pressure and at an acceptable energetic cost. My goal is to present a realistic assessment of the performance and stability of such systems, and to unravel the underlying mechanisms by developing advanced in situ techniques. I am additionally focused on engineering specialized electrochemical cells tailored for this application.


  1. Google Scholar Link: Kiana Amini – Google Scholar