Dr. Daan Maijer

Professor and Department Head

B.A.Sc, Ph.D., P.Eng

Office: FF 313

Email: Daan.Maijer@ubc.ca

Phone: 604-822-6013

Research and Teaching Interests

Heat transfer, fluid flow, stress

Current Research Work

Modeling of industrial materials processing including:

  • Heat Transfer
  • Fluid Flow
  • Stress

Microstructure Materials processing models employed for process control

This research in industrial materials processing is focused on three areas including low-pressure die casting of A356 wheels, Direct Chill (DC) casting of AA5182 sheet ingots, and hot rolling of AA5083 sheet. The overall goal of these projects has been to develop mathematical models of the industrial processes capable of predicting the evolution of temperature, stress, microstructure and/or defects at various stages in each process. New research directions including understanding and incorporating the impact of fluid flow in the low-pressure die casting and DC casting process models are also being pursued.

Primary Collaborators: Steve Cockcroft (UBC), Mary Wells (U of Waterloo), Rio Tinto Alcan, Corus, Canadian Autoparts Toyota Inc.

Process modeling has become a common technique to improve and optimize industrial processes. These mathematical models which describe the evolution of process variables such as temperature and pressure can now be used to reliably predict defect formation. Similarly, advances in control theory have lead to widespread use of online control for the majority of industrial processes. In some applications, the need for a sustained level of production and a long history of trial-and-error manual control are perceived as barriers for the implementation of intelligent control strategies. In some of these cases even robust regulatory control will provide tremendous benefits.

The goal of this research is to develop a control solution for an industrial process application using a mathematical process model for its tuning and validation. A suitable mathematical model for low pressure die casting of aluminum alloy wheels has already been developed during a prior research program at the University of British Columbia. This mathematical model will act as a ‘virtual’ cyclic process for control and allow the assessment of several control strategies for reducing casting defect formation. The long term goal of this project is to implement the researched control solution in the plant and determine the efficiency of using process models to setup and tune industrial control solutions.

Primary collaborators: Mihai Huzmezan (UBC), Duncan Meade (UDL), Canadian Autoparts Toyota Inc.


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