Kevin Dring, BASc 2001

Career to date:

Sep 2002 – Aug 2005: PhD Imperial College London – High temperature electrochemistry of titanium, or, more descriptively, development and study of a new extractive metallurgy route for titanium metal production.

Mar 2006 – Present: Chief Technology Officer, Norsk Titanium AS. Responsibilities include management of research projects totalling 5M CAD, patenting and development of IP strategies, commercialisation of emergent metals technologies.Some career highlights:

  • Becoming one of the foremost experts in a particular field, travelling the globe to preach, and having the good fortune of experience scaling-up lab-scale research.
  • Learning how the world outside/beyond academia functions.
  • Collaborating with exciting research groups in order to bring new technologies to market.
  • Building up an industry in a time when most companies are downsizing.
  • Understanding and relating to the concerns of non-engineering/technical (finance, HR, marketing/sales) colleagues and counterparts, and helping them to realise their objectives.