MTRL IDEAs Committee

IDEA: Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility

Brooke Adey, Undergraduate Representative
Wesley Wong (He/Him), Staff Representative
Gabrielle Lam (She/Her), Faculty Representative
Jon Nakane, Faculty Representative
Maggie Chong (She/Her/Hers), Undergraduate Representative
Debalina Saha, Undergraduate Representative
Chad Sinclair (He/Him/His), Chair and Faculty Representative
Gauri Taneja, Undergraduate Representative
Mohammadali Shahsavari (He/Him/His), Graduate Student Representative
Ben Britton, Faculty Representative
Rebecca Abbott, Staff Representative
Sherry Kiafar, Graudate Student Representative

Brooke Adey, Undergraduate Representative
Marie-Helene Clopin, Staff Representative
Gabrielle Lam, Faculty Representative
Jon Nakane, Faculty Representative
Harry Riley, Undergraduate Representative
Debalina Saha, Undergraduate Representative
Chad Sinclair (He/Him/His), Chair and Faculty Representative
Gauri Taneja, Undergraduate Representative
Kaiya Yamada, Graduate Student Representative
Alex Gonzalez, UBC Student Senator and IDEAs Advisor
Nicolas Romualdi, VP University and Academic Affairs, Graduate Student Society and IDEAs Advisor
Alyssa Tam, Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) Chair and IDEAs Advisor

Committee Terms of Reference

Department of Materials Engineering Commitment to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility

The Department of Materials Engineering is committed to embedding principles of equity, diversity and inclusion into all activities. It recognizes the value of a diverse workplace and that diversity is synergistic with excellence. As part of this commitment, the MTRL IDEAs committee has been formed to help this department meet UBC’s commitment to excellence, diversity and inclusion and to help deliver on the Faculty of Applied Sciences EDI Competencies Framework. The committee seeks to view Departmental activities through an intersectional lens with input from all MTRL stakeholders; students, staff, faculty and collaborators. The IDEAs committee serves as part of the broader community of the Faculty of Applied Science EDI committees and activities.

MTRL Action Plan

  • Establish a Departmental level EDI committee (the MTRL IDEAs committee)
  • Adopt structures in teaching, administration and research that embed EDI principles
  • Provide students, staff and faculty with resources to help encourage alignment with campus-wide EDI initiatives
  • Recognize commitment to, and participation in, efforts to strengthen EDI initiatives in the department
  • Participate in faculty and university level committees to share MTRL experiences and to bring to MTRL the experiences from others

2021 UBC & MTRL Events

January 22, 2020Prof. Ben Britton “No Sexuality Please, We’re Scientists” Link to Recording of Talk
March 4th, 2021Engineering Dialogue Series: Indigenous Design Principles: “The Role of Engineers in Decolonization and Reconciliation”
March 5th, 2021UBC Sustainability Climate Justice Webinar: “Just Is”≠Justice
March 10th, 2021Equity & Inclusion workshop: Anti-Blackness after 2020: Invisibility, hyper-visibility, & mental health
March 11th, 2021CTLT Inclusive Teaching session: What is it and why does it matter?
June 9th, 2021Prof. Ben Britton Talk “Pride, Power and Privilege – An Exploration of LGBTQ+ Issues in STEM” TMS Webinar
June – Aug, 2021Equity and inclusion in action: Summer STEM series


UBC Resources

APSC Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Student Feedback (Engineering Academic Services)

UBC Faculty of Applied Science EDI Portal

UBC Faculty of Science Links to EDI resources

UBC Equity and Inclusion Office