Group Web Site: http://ceramics.mtrl.ubc.ca/

General Group Overview

This group is heavily involved in the development of advanced refractories for nonferrous industries (Zn, Pb, Ni, Cu, and others), the development of new castable refractories, in-situ sinterable basic castables, corosion of refractories in contact with non-ferrous slags, mechano-chemical processing of refractories; mechanical alloying of ceramics; and the evaluation of processing – properties correlations for refractories.


Refractories for Non-ferrous Metals


FacultyGraduate advisor

Tom Troczynski

August 20, 2020

Research group:
Research interests:

Processing, microstructure and properties of ceramics, refractories, bioceramics, ceramic coatings (sol-gel, thermal sprayed), adhesion of ceramics to metals, ceramic and metal matrix composites, semiconductive and photocatalytic ceramics. ceramics for fuel cells, ceramic sensors, fracture and wear of ceramics, polymer matrix composites