Dr. Amanda Clifford

Assistant Professor

B.Eng., Ph.D. (McMaster University)

Publications: Google Scholar

Research and Teaching Interests

Processing of biomaterials, electrochemistry, colloid and interface science, surface modification, biointerfaces, nanomaterials for precision medicine, implantable materials, portable diagnostics, wearable healthcare monitoring.

Current Research Work

1.    1. Advanced Processing of Biomaterials

Utilizing a combination of electrochemistry, colloid and interface science, and bio-inspired chemistry, we aim to develop new scalable, tunable, and low-cost processing techniques for the fabrication of multi-functional biomaterials. 

2.  Surface Engineering 

The biological response of an interface can be tailored by tuning both surface chemistry and morphology. We design and characterize new smart surfaces for biomedical implants and high-touch surfaces, to prevent implant associated infections (IAIs) and surface-based transmission of infectious disease.

3.   Biosensing

Towards portable and personalized disease diagnoses and treatment, we create new functional nanomaterials for point-of-care (POC) detection and monitoring of clinically relevant biomolecules.


MANU 378 Engineering Materials II

MANU 400B Special Topics in Manufacturing Engineering: Biomedical Manufacturing


For an up-to-date list of publications, please visit my google scholar.


To find out more about our research and team please visit our group website https://cliffordlab.mtrl.ubc.ca