Safety Forms

Safety forms and guides

NOTE: The assembly area for the Frank Forward building is the courtyard north of the building (outside the main entrance).

Safety Training Requirements for all Graduate Students and new employees:

MTRL Student and Employee Safety Training checklist

Welcome to the MTRL Safety Resources Page. Here you will find information and resources on safety in the department.

MTRL Departmental Safety Seminar:

On-line video presentation of the departmental safety seminar. You can view this presentation when an in-person safety seminar is not available in a timely manner. You do NOT need to view this presentation if you have attended an in-person seminar. Note: If you do view this presentation, you must view the whole of it. The presentation has been broken up into 7 parts due to its length. This makes it easier to download.

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Resources and Guides:

In case of Accidents, Incidents or Chemical Spills, contact Bé Wassink (822-2662).

Forms and Resources for Supervisors:

 Forms for First Aid

Forms for Plant Operations: