Safety information and contacts

Welcome to the MTRL Safety Resources page! Here you will find information and resources about safety in our department.


Accidents/incidents reporting instructions

NOTE: The assembly area for the Frank Forward building is the courtyard north of the building (outside the main entrance).

MTRL Building-Emergency-Response-Plan

To get first aid:

PAID UBC EMPLOYEES ONLY: For UBC first aid call 604-822-4444 (24 hours/day)

For a serious emergency of if in doubt call 911. Then call UBC  first aid or APSC first aid next.

Not a UBC employee? Call 911.

The BUILDING ADDRESS IS:     6350 Stores Road, V6T 1Z4


MTRL LST Terms of Reference

LST terms of reference


MTRL Local Safety Team members:

Bé Wassink (faculty co-chair) Room 406, Tel: 604-822-2662,
Michelle Tierney Room 309A, Tel: 604-822-4878,
Daan Maijer Room 313, Tel: 604-822-6013,
Marlon Blom Room 06B, Tel: 604-822-2716,
Heli Eunike Room 419, Tel: 604-822-5648,
Carl Ng Room 017, Tel: 604-822-2605,
Shubham Jain Room 106,
Chih Wei Chao Room 406 or 417,


Frank Forward Building Emergency Director:
Bé Wassink, Room 406, Phone: 604-822-2662,


Emergency phone numbers:

Fire Department 911
Police 911
Ambulance 911
UBC Campus First Aid                  APSC first aid 604-822-4444 (24 hours/day)             778-918-6970 Mon-Fri, 8:30-4:30
Hazardous Materials Response 911
Campus Security 604-822-2222
RCMP 604-224-1322
Plant Operations Trouble Calls 604-822-2173
Risk Management 604-822-2029


LST Safety Inspection Forms

Lab inspection form

Shops inspection form

Offices inspection form

Classrooms inspection form

Storage areas inspection form