phone: 6048275070
Frank Forward Room 310
Research Interests

Classroom culture in engineering communication and the development of adult learning systems combining andragogy approaches for robust short term skills and a career of continuous innovation.

Pamela Rogalski, P.Eng., is a lecturer with the Departments of Materials Engineering and Civil Engineering. She obtained her BASc (Geological) and BA (English) from UBC. Ms. Rogalski works at the intersection of communication and design, with a focus on communication for innovative collaborations, storytelling, and leadership. Previous to her lectureship at UBC, she co-founded and was CEO of the Engineering Leadership Council, whose programs were developed and scaled internationally under her leadership. Ms. Rogalski is a designated friend of the UN Group Earth Charter Cities Canada and an active leader within Engineers Without Borders. Ms. Rogalski has also worked in major capital procurement strategy, negotiation, and facilitating executive decision making.