Associate Professor

M.Sc. (Lund), M.A.Sc., Ph.D.(Toronto), P. Eng.

phone: 6048223673
Frank Forward Room 115
Research Interests


I received my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering with a specialization in solid mechanics from the University of Lund, Sweden. For my diploma thesis, I worked with composite materials at an aeronautical research institute. I then went on to do Master’s and PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto working on fracture of structural adhesive joints. After receiving my PhD, I joined the Composites Group at UBC as a postdoctoral fellow and started working on composites processing and process simulation. I joined the department of Materials Engineering at UBC as a faculty member a few years later.


I am very interested in teaching and learning and currently teach the following courses:

  • APSC 100/101 – Introduction to engineering I/II
  • APSC 278 – Engineering materials
  • MTRL 485/585 – Failure of materials/Topics in fracture mechanics
  • MTRL 466/467 – Engineering project I/II

Research and other interests

My current research is focused on polymer composite materials and composites manufacturing. I work closely with my colleagues in the UBC Composites Group in this area: Anoush Poursartip and Reza Vaziri as well as with the international aerospace industry. I am the Technical Director of the Composites Research Network, which is a large research network focused on research, best practices, and knowledge transfer to industry.

Other interests are: risk and uncertainty, sports equipment, biomaterials, adhesive bonding and entrepreneurship.

Refereed Journal Publications

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