Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff Directory


Name Position Phone Office E-mail
Asselin, Edouard Professor 604-822-1918 FF 207 edouard@apsc.ubc.ca
Cockcroft, Steve Professor 604-822-3669 FF 413 steve.cockcroft@ubc.ca
Dixon, David Professor 604-822-3679 FF 409 david.dixon@ubc.ca
Dreisinger, David Professor 604-822-4805 FF 415 david.dreisinger@ubc.ca
Fernlund, Göran Associate Professor 604-822-3673 FF 115 goran.fernlund@ubc.ca
Ko, Frank Professor 604-822-2738 FF 111 frank.ko@ubc.ca
Lam, Gabrielle Instructor 604-822-3677 FF 203B gabrielle.lam@ubc.ca
Liu, Wenying Assistant Professor 604-822-3666 FF 013 wenying.liu@ubc.ca
Maijer, Daan Professor and Department Head 604-822-6013 FF 313 daan.maijer@ubc.ca
Militzer, Matthias Professor 604-822-3676 FF 211 matthias.militzer@ubc.ca
Nakane, Jon Instructor 604-822-0794 FF 203A jon.nakane@ubc.ca
Poole, Warren Professor 604-822-3674 FF 215 warren.poole@ubc.ca
Poursartip, Anoush Professor 604-822-3665 FF 113 anoush.poursartip@ubc.ca
Rogalski, Pamela Lecturer 604-827-5070 FF 310 progalsk@mail.ubc.ca
Schaller, Rebecca Assistant Professor 604-822-8745 FF 013 rebecca.schaller@ubc.ca
Sinclair, Chad Professor 604-822-3352 FF 411 chad.sinclair@ubc.ca
Tafaghodi, Leili Assistant Professor 604-822-3386 FF 011 leili.tafaghodi@ubc.ca
Troczynski, Tom Professor 604-822-2612 FF 109 tom.troczynski@ubc.ca
Wang, Rizhi Professor 604-822-9752 FF 107 rizhi.wang@ubc.ca
Wassink, Bé Senior Instructor 604-822-2662 FF 406A berend.wassink@ubc.ca
Xia, Guangrui Associate Professor 604-822-0478 FF 213 guangrui.xia@ubc.ca

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Emeritus Professors

Name Position Phone Office E-mail
Barr, Peter Emeritus Professor peter.barr@ubc.ca
Brown, Lawrence Emeritus Professor lcbrown@mail.ubc.ca
Butters, Bob Emeritus Professor
Chaklader, Chak Emeritus Professor acdc@mail.ubc.ca
Hawbolt, Bruce Emeritus Professor hawboltb@gmail.com
Lund, John Emeritus Professor jlund@dccnet.com
Meadowcroft, Ray Emeritus Professor meadowcroft@theokeefe.com
Mitchell, Alec Emeritus Professor alecm@mail.ubc.ca
Tromans, Des Emeritus Professor dtromans@dccnet.com

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Adjunct Professors


Name Position Phone Office E-mail
Akhtar, Ainul Adjunct Professor 604-822-8021 FF 203B ainul.akhtar@ubc.ca
Cepus, Elvis Adjunct Professor 604-822-0794 FF 203A elvis@rjwaldronco.com
Cicha, Walter Adjunct Professor 604-822-3041 NRC walter.cicha@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca
Embury, David Adjunct Professor emburyd@mcmaster.ca
Fazeli, Fateh Adjunct Professor ffazeli@nrcan.gc.ca
Gonzalez, Alberto Adjunct Professor alberto.gonzalez@teckcominco.com
Gormely, Lynton Adjunct Professor lynton.gormely@amec.com
Karimi-Sharif, Hamed Adjunct Professor hamed.karimi@ubc.ca
Lloyd, David Adjunct Professor Alcan David.Lloyd@Alcan.com
McKevitt, Bethan Adjunct Professor blmckevit@tyahoo.ca
Rao, Avaral Adjunct Professor avaral.rao@powertechlabs.com
Scott, Colin Adjunct Professor colin.scott@nrcan.gc.ca
Van Weert, Gus Adjunct Professor oretome@sympatico.ca
West-Sells, Paul Adjunct Professor pwest-sells@westerncopperandgold.com
Tang, Zhaolin Adjunct Professor FF106 Zhaolin.tang@ubc.ca
Yang, Quanzu Adjunct Professor quanzu@mail.ubc.ca

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Staff (Technical and Administrative)

Name Position Phone Office E-mail
Bahi, Addie Research Engineer 604-82`7-5070 FF310 addie.bahi@ubc.ca
Bennett, Roger Technician 604-822-3492 604-827-5827 FF206 ; AMPEL142 roger@composites.ubc.ca
Blom, Marlon Stores Keeper Fax: 604-822-8534 604-822-2716 FF06-stores mtrl.stores@ubc.ca
Burgess, Debbie Network Accountant 604-827-5656 AMPEL112 debbie.burgess@ubc.ca
Chae, Taesik Scientific Engineer 604-822-4745 AMPEL141 apsiky@gmail.com
Donald, Norma Financial Assistant 604-822-9787 FF309 mtrl-finance@mtrl.ubc.ca
Farhang-Mehr, Farzaneh Director, Additive Manufacturing 604-827-2243 FF105 farzaneh.fmehr@ubc.ca
Guedia Guemo, Gilles Research Associate AMPEL124C guediagilles@gmail.com
Jansepar, Mary Assistant to the Head 604-822-2676 FF309 mary.jansepar@ubc.ca
EUNIKE, Heli SEM Technician 604-822-5648 FF419 heli.eunike@ubc.ca
Keulen, Casey Research Engineer 604-822-2763 FF105 casey@composites.ubc.ca
Kim, Wonsang Electronics Technician 604-822-6181 FF017B wonsang.kim@ubc.ca
Legislador, Sherry Financial Assistant 604-822-2676 sherry.legislador@ubc.ca
Lu, Jianming Research Engineer 604-822-2662 FF406 jianming@mail.ubc.ca
Mcleod, Ross Senior Eng. Technician 604-822-2605 FF017 ross.mcleod@ubc.ca
Mehrjoo, Nasrin Research Engineer 604-822-9679 FF203 nasrin.mehrjoo@yahoo.ca
Mobuchon, Christophe Research Associate 604-822-3492 AMPEL142 christophe@composites.ubc.ca
Ng, Carl Technician 604-822-2605 FF017 carlng@mail.ubc.ca
Ou, Jun Research Associate (EIT) 604-827-2155 FF105 jun.ou@ubc.ca
Tierney, Michelle Manager, Student Services 604-822-4878 FF309A mtierney@apsc.ubc.ca
Topic, Suzana Manager, CRN 604-822-6178 FF310 suzana@composites.ubc.ca
Torok, David Technician 604-822-2605 FF017 david.torok@ubc.ca
Tran, Brian Research Engineer 604-822-xxxx brian.tran@alumni.ubc.ca
Wan, Yuqin Research Engineer 604-827-5070 FF310 wanyuqin@gmail.com
Webster, Fiona Manager, Administration 604-822-3671 FF309 fiona.webster@ubc.ca
Xu, Mina Research Engineer 604-827-5070 FF310 min.xu@ubc.ca
Yao, Lu Research Associate 604-827-5070 FF310 yaolu475@mail.ubc.ca
Zobeiry, Navid Research Associate 604-822-3492 AMPEL142 navid@composites.ubc.ca

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Post Doctoral Fellows


Name Position Phone Office E-mail
Akbari Khorami, Hamed Post-Doctoral Fellow 604-827-5070 FF310 hamid.akbari@ubc.ca
Fan, Pan Post-Doctoral Fellow 604-822-xxxx pan.fan@alumni.ubc.ca
Ghasvareh, Pooneh Post-Doctoral Fellow 604-827-5070 FF310 pooneh61@mail.ubc.ca
Lane, Chris Post-Doctoral Fellow 604-827-5070 FF310 chris.lane@ubc.ca
Li Tin, Lin Post-Doctoral Fellow 604-822-xxxx inmoomni@gmail.com
Narayana, Harishkumar Post-Doctoral Fellow 604-822-xxxx harishkumar7290@gmail.com
Ren, Zihe (Ryan) Post-Doctoral Fellow 604-822-9679 FF203 rzh722@gmail.com
Servati, Amir Post-Doctoral Fellow AMPEL amir.servati@ubc.ca

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Name Position Phone Office E-mail
Lindenau, Frederik Visiting Scholar 604-827-5070 AMPEL142 freddy-lindenau@gmx.de
Song, Lixin Visiting Scholar AMPEL145 lxsong12@yahoo.com
Taga, Kazuhiro (Kazu) Visiting Scientist FF201B kazuhiro@mail.ubc.ca
Wang, Leiming Visiting Scholar FF3201B ustb-wlm@126.com
Wertheim, Rani Visiting Scientist 604-827-5070 FF310 rani.wertheim@gmail.com