Employment opportunities

Summer 2020 Senior Teaching Assistant

Beginning this summer 2020, the Materials Engineering department is undertaking a two-year
grant-funded project to re-design APSC 278 and 279. Engineering Materials (APSC 278) and its
complementary laboratory course (ASPC 279) are service courses taken by nearly 700
engineering undergraduate students from 8 engineering disciplines annually. APSC 278/279
provide an introduction to materials engineering, covering topics including chemical bonding,
mechanical properties, material failure, microstructure, polymers, ceramics and composites.
The main objectives of the project are to enhance integration of lab and lecture content, so as to
improve students’ development of high-order learning skills, to improve student engagement
and their appreciation of materials engineering. Under the direct mentorship and supervision of
Dr. Gabrielle Lam, the Senior Teaching Assistant(s) will be involved in the following:

1. Development of open educational resources, namely a WeBWorK problem bank
2. Development of case study videos, in collaboration with the team at UBC Studios
3. Modification and renewal of laboratory curriculum

If you are enthusiastic about the unique opportunity to design course components to improve
students’ learning experience, are self-motivated and a good team player, please email
Gabrielle Lam (gabrielle.lam@ubc.ca) along with a copy of your CV and statement of interest
by Friday June 12 at 11:59 pm. In your statement of interest, please include an answer to the
following two questions:

1. Why are you interested in applying for the position?
2. What relevant skills and experiences can you contribute to the team in moving this
project forward?

All potential candidates will be contacted directly for a follow-up video call.

Please note that Senior Teaching Assistants (STA) must have experience with at least one of
the following activities:

1. Have engaged in professional development activities to improve teaching quality beyond
the standard training for a class, department or program. This may include leading and
facilitating standard TA training as opposed to participating in such training.
2. Have engaged in and applied pedagogical research related to teaching and teaching
quality to the class or course.
3. Have, under the direct mentorship of the supervisor, developed/modified/delivered new
curricular material such as a lectures, worksheets, labs or discussion group topics.
4. Other evidence of a focus on teaching quality could include being nominated for or
awarded teaching prizes (e.g. Killam graduate student awards).

Depending on the project team in which you will be involved (see project objectives above),
positions will be assigned 80 hours of involvement. Summer positions will be held until August
31, 2020, with the opportunity for extension of project involvement into the fall term, at the
discretion of the project coordinator.